Abelardo SOLANO PALACIOS, PhD - Spanish Translator - Services and rates PERSONAL PROFILE

    Abelardo SOLANO PALACIOS, PhD - Spanish Translator

    Fond of foreign languages and cultures, I studied English from primary school, then took classes in French, Italian and German.

    When I was a university student, I often translated documents for my classmates, since a lot of information was exclusively available in English.

    Later on, I continued to do translations while working as a researcher, before becoming a full-time translator.

  • Raised in Mexico, I studied for my PhD in Spain and have lived in Europe since 1998.

    I have travelled around the USA and Canada, where part of my family lives, and also in Asia, and I have participated in various international congresses and seminars (USA, Europe).

    Married to a French woman, I currently live in the south of France.

I work both for translation agencies and end-clients.


- Author of 30 research articles published in indexed, peer-reviewed    journals.
- Associate Professor: Pharmacy Faculty, UAEM and Chemistry Faculty,   UNAM (Mexico).
- Researcher at CIPF (Valencia-Spain), UAEM, University of Zaragoza   (Spain) and UNAM.

Full CV upon request